Web activism

Note: This page is a work in progress.

About that search engine

Have you noticed it has become more difficult to find new and interesting websites?

Once upon a time 'surfing the web' was easy and fun. You could find weird and wonderful sites just from clicking links provided on websites you already knew. Then search engines surged in popularity and it got even easier so we started to rely on them, and then they betrayed us.

The common misconception is that there are simply fewer websites out there today, but the opposite is true because there are more websites accessible online today than ever before.

So why is it more difficult to find and access them?

The dominant search engine today is not your friend and does not want to promote sites that do not adhere to their rules. There is also hypocrisy - with large corporate media companies that own dozens of websites given the lion's share of visibility. Most of who themselves do not follow those aforementioned rules and guidelines. No wonder it is so difficult to find new and interesting websites today.

The open web ecosystem that promotes discovery, diversity, and freedom of choice is not a vision that is shared by most big tech companies, including that search engine. What they want to do instead of create their own ecosystem and they have been successful so far.

The fuedalism of the web today is a deliberate subversion of the founding principles of the world wide web.

Because of this if you want to experience the old web you need to work hard at it and the first step is cutting the cord with the biggest search engine.